Music therapy is the use of music for therapeutic purposes by a trained professional.

Using music for therapy can be a very powerful way to reach children and adolescents. Music therapy is a powerful way to help people express their feelings
Professional music therapists are usually found in rehabilitative facilities, schools and private practice. The power of music over the human mind is enormous

Some people mistakenly believe that a patient needs to have some particular musical ability to benefit from therapy. There is no one particular style of music that is more therapeutic than the rest. Any style of music can be equally effective. Any person can be a patient. The patient’s background, needs and history help determine the type of music used.

Music Therapy Ideas

Even undiagnosed individuals can make use of the healing powers of music. Listening to or making music, playing or drumming can greatly reduce stress. A trained music therapist gauges the emotional well-being, physical health, social functioning and cognitive skills through the patient’s responses to music. Once the assessment is complete, the practitioner designs music session for individuals or groups. The therapeutic music is prepared based on client needs.

Music helps because it dissolves emotional barriers and elevates the patient’s mood. Music also counteracts depression, calms and even sedates patients. In a nutshell, music helps reduce muscle tension and brings on a deep and satisfying relaxation. The future of music therapy is indeed very promising as more and more research supports the effectiveness of music therapy.

Music Therapy Sessions

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