singing with microphones


As you gain confidence in your guitar playing, many musicians want to extend themselves and begin to sing as well. The coordination it takes to do both can be quite challenging until you become very familiar with the the string and finger placement on the guitar.

One of the major issues with someone who can sing and play the guitar separately is that with singing people need RHYTHM.

Learning to coordinate the rhythm of your hands along with the rhythm of your voice, but also goes with any instrument you are playing while singing.


So Let’s Look at Some Problem Solving Tips:

  1. Keep it SIMPLE
  2. Play a simple song with simple chords. 2 to 3 maximum. Don’t try anything difficult
  3. Use a down stroke strum on a simple count with 2 or 4 beats, strum down 4 times in one measure, NO UPSTROKES!
  4. Sing the song while playing the guitar
  5. Continue until it is smooth and easy for you to do, at this time add an upstroke on every beat

The main point of failure in most guitar playing is people try to skip steps and learn too fast. Take your time it can be done.

Here at MEOW Academy our trained instructors have the expertise and most importantly patience to train your child on this very thing. Before long they will be playing the guitar and singing.


Check out this video of one of our students learning this technique with our instructor.

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