Challenges Austism Creates in Children

Autism spectrum disorder is a set of behavioral and developmental challenges. Every individual with ASD is unique and has their own combination of characteristics.      autism music techniques montgomery

Some of the challenges may be considered high functioning and some maybe considered severe which makes them fall into the spectrum of associated features. An individual that has ASD will most often have difficulties with communication.

These difficulties maybe experience lack of language such a verbal speech or nonverbal communication skills. They may also find it challenging to socialize with others. This makes it challenging to make new friends because of not knowing how to socialize. Even with all their challenges some individuals have exceptional visual, music and academic skills.

How Music Therapy Helps

This is where Spectrum Jam a new project through MEOW Academy comes into play, it gives these individuals a way to cope and a sense of relief. The therapy is presented by singing, dancing, listening and creating interest through music.

Music therapy works with the sounds that some autistic individuals use such as humming or even shrieking noises. Songs with simple words or even repetitive words can assist the child’s language barrier. Music therapy gives the individual freedom to express themselves.

It’s okay if they make noise, bang on instruments, sing or dance, this results in experiencing pleasure of emotional satisfaction. Studies show that children with music therapy experience improvement in language comprehension, it also encourages the desire to communicate, it makes creative self-expression possible, reducing non communicative speech and decreases echolalia and teaches social skills.

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