What is Spectrum Jam?

MEOW Academy has recently launched this music therapy project located in Montgomery, Alabama. It is geared towards providing music lessons to youth on the autism spectrum.

There are so many children that are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders. (ASD) is a developmental disorder that causes issues with communication, social, verbal, and motor skills.

Here at MEOW Academy we understand music is a bridge that allows children with these developmental challenges to gain creative ways to communicate. Music therapy enhances motor, social ad verbal skills to children to become more open and communicate better in their daily lifestyles.

Science has proven a healthy relationship between music and autism. Music activates all areas of the brain, serving as a carrier for communication. for youth with autism, this can enhance communication, develop social skills, and improve task sequence.


According to a 2014 article in “Your Autism Magazine,” roughly 40% of people on the autism spectrum experience at least one anxiety disorder which leads to depression.

We understand how important it is to parents to give their children every possible opportunity in life. Watching a child light up from the sound and rhythm of music is so life changing not only for the child but also for the parents.


Music therapy helps to facilitate learning skills that traditional educational learning does not have the ability to enhance.


Our programs:

Enhances communication skills

Develops social skills

Explores personal musical ability

Organizes Auditory Information and Task Sequence

MEOW Cares, Inc. looks to counteract these issues with an activity that will inspire young minds all over the community through music. Interested in music therapy for your child but still have a few questions. We understand as a parent or guardian you want to ensure you are making the best decision for your child’s needs….Contact Us Today!

Spectrum Jam will provide confidence, self-awareness, inspiration, and love to all who encounter it. These students will attend lessons on a weekly basis, play instruments, use technology, and perform yearly. It is our hope that we will enhance their lifestyles in the areas of education, communication, music, and mental health.