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Natural Breathing Techniques for Vocal Lessons

Singing with proper vocal technique is extremely important.  Our vocal instructors will teach you the proper technique of singing and how to use your singing and speaking voice in a healthy and natural way.  Taking vocal lessons at MEOW Academy will teach students  proper breath support needed to optimize vocal potential. this allows for the potential of less damage your vocal folds.

Many singers  try to change their voice in order to mimic other singers and performers.  This often leads to serious damage to vocal chords particularly when the singer they were trying to copy wasn’t singing correctly to begin with.

We have several things that you will find make our voice lessons unique.

Live Performance Opportunitiesvocal lessons montgomery al

Many of our students have the opportunity to perform with other students in their age group and skill level. These yearly performances give students the chance to practice that final step of the music-learning curriculum by exercising the presentation of their skills in front of a public audience.

The excitement and nerves of public performance can be daunting for some students and  can often interrupt good technique if it hasn’t been properly learned and reinforced in the first place.

Confidence Building

There is nothing more powerful in building confidence than overcoming the fear of public performances. Vocal lessons teach students to control and train their body to relax while performing.  Many students feel comfortable and are great singers in smaller, informal settings – in the recording studio or even the shower –  but thry may often find it challenging or impossible to produce the same quality performance in front of a larger audience.

Our instructors will teach them how to overcome this fear and to build their inner confidence and full musical potential.