winter weather

Effect of temperature on musical instruments

One real danger of something happening to your guitar is leaving it somewhere  out of the case and somebody knocks it off the stand. Never stand it up against the wall or a door or leave it anywhere where it could be knocked over, sat on, bumped or damaged in any way. Or if somebody decides to play them without your permissions and ruins the strings.

Taking care of your instruments is just a large part of learning the music.

Instruments cost a lot of money and when they are not properly stored or cared for they don’t last as long as they could and they don’t sound as well as they should. Keep that in mind!

With the winer months approaching us rather quickly sometimes we tend to rush from the car to the house and forget that we have our guitar in the trunk. If this happens and it’s been outside for more than an hour or two, when you bring it inside allow it to warm up gradually. Leave it in the hardshell case. Taking it out too fast my cause the finish to crack.

You also may have issues with the wood beginning to fade. Cold weather can also damage the binding, inlays and the neck. Guitars need a dry, cool environment and to be protected inside of the case away from direct sunlight can help with increasing the life of the guitar..

Lastly, always make it a point to clean all the metal parts of the guitar with a good metal cleaning compound! Bundle up and keep that guitar safe throughout the winter!