Beginner Drum Lessons for Kids

beginner drum set

Learning music of any kind, is almost like learning another language, and the younger one is, the faster they can pick up on it and the drums are no exception to that. As a younger child learning the drum it can be more of finding beats and rhythm. Theses skills help with hand and eye coordination and counting with numbers as well.

Drums produce sound and vibration which can be stimulating to younger children.

The thing about drums is they are used in every type of music. Even without a physical drum there is still a beat of some sort. Drums are considered the heart of music which makes it sometimes the gateway into music for children.

Once they get the coordination down you have it forever.  The  is never a worry of playing out of tune but you do have to concentrate on timing and creativity.

Little Drummer Boy

Tips for Learning to Play Drums

  1. Practice 30 minutes at least 2-3 times per week

2. Don’t be intimidated by what is in front of you, just stay with it

3. Having an instructor helps you not form bad habits and techniques. It’s hard to break a habit so make sure your instructor has advised you on what you are doing before you get started

4. Learn to READ MUSIC, learn the language

Remember drums are the only instrument you don’t have to have an instrument to practice with! You can always use your finger, sticks, or the kitchen spoons ( if mom is not around)

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With anything you put your mind to you can accomplish it so don’t get discouraged!

Try it, listen to any piece of music and you’ll hear the beat, that’s the drummer, even if they’re not really there. Reach out to one of our instructors at MEOW for more questions so you can get started right away!