Sensory Sensitivity Programs for Children in Montgomery, Alabama

Sensory Processing Disorder Autism

sensitivity autism disorder montgomery program

Here at MEOW Academy we understand that sometimes when you live in a city such as Montgomery Alabama you may feel there are limited resources to when it comes to working with a child that has autism.

Although Montgomery has a smaller demographic compared to other larger cities in Alabama, there are programs that are centered around the types of activities that would be helpful and stimulating to an autistic child. Our programs understands the need for positive stimulation and music has the ability to create communication in children that words cannot deliver.

Montgomery Sensory Disorder Program

Our program Spectrum Jam is a new project geared towards providing music lessons to youth that are on the autism spectrum.

Autism: a neurodevelopment disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication, and restricted and repetitive behavior.

MEOW Cares, Inc. looks to counteract these issues with an activity that will inspire young minds all over the community through music. Spectrum Jam will provide confidence, self-awareness, inspiration, and love to all who encounter it.

These students will attend lessons on a weekly basis, play instruments, use technology, and perform yearly. It is our hope that we will enhance their lifestyles in the areas of education, communication, music, and mental health.

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